Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and where you are.

G’day! I’m Daniel Wynter, currently residing in beautiful Vancouver, BC. As an introvert having moved from Australia to the other side of the world I’ve often relied on board games to make new friends.

Having realised the joy of board games and food bringing people together I started to combine the two and leverage my amateur cooking skills to celebrate my favourite games in new ways.

Board Game Feast was originally envisioned as a way to treat my friends on games day and thank them for joining me at the table. But it’s also a wonderful excuse to try new cuisines and techniques, and explore the incredible themes and artwork of my favourite games.

When I’m not cooking or gaming, I’m spending time with my lovely wife and daughter, hiking in the beautiful Vancouver wilderness, listening to progressive metal or podcasts and otherwise being a general geek of all trades.