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Flavor Text – Chai: Tea for 2

Chai: Tea for 2Designers: Dan Kazmaier, Connie KazmaierArtist: Andrew Bosley, Mary Haasdyk, Sahana VJPublisher: Steeped Games Review copy of the game provided Many a game has been enjoyed over a cuppa hot stuff, whether it’s the Twinings tea bag hurriedly thrown into a Styrofoam cup at a convention, or the herbal brew lovingly steeped at home. 2019’s Chai… Continue reading Flavor Text – Chai: Tea for 2

Board Game Feast Merch Store!

I’ve been threatening for months to put together a merch store and after experimenting with a couple of options, it’s finally live! This wasn’t something I set out to do as a content creator, but several people asked about my apron using the lovely meeple pie artwork designed by my wife, so you can now… Continue reading Board Game Feast Merch Store!