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Board Game Feast State of Play

I’ve been rather slack in keeping this blog up to date. Admittedly, in my attempts to noodle with various formats of content creation, I’ve spread myself rather thin, like Bilbo Baggins over too much bread. After catching up on my last big wave of content, I’ve decided to step back and re-assess what to focus… Continue reading Board Game Feast State of Play

Flavor Text – Chai: Tea for 2

Chai: Tea for 2Designers: Dan Kazmaier, Connie KazmaierArtist: Andrew Bosley, Mary Haasdyk, Sahana VJPublisher: Steeped Games Review copy of the game provided Many a game has been enjoyed over a cuppa hot stuff, whether it’s the Twinings tea bag hurriedly thrown into a Styrofoam cup at a convention, or the herbal brew lovingly steeped at home. 2019’s Chai… Continue reading Flavor Text – Chai: Tea for 2