Recipe: Burncycle Pumpkin Ice Cream with Burnt Caramel

I’ve done a terrible job of keeping my promise to keep this blog updated. Other commitments continue to make keeping a consistent content schedule difficult. But I’ve continued to have a lot of fun experimenting with dishes and formats. I’ve been live-streaming on Twitch semi-regularly, recording the Omnigamers Club Podcast every couple of weeks, and trying to get back into the routine of posting traditional review videos.

I’m still zeroing in on the best way of making my food content engaging and relevant and one thing I’ve been meaning to try for a while, is to create recipes to share my creations. Board Game Feast has always been about sharing, starting with my friends on games day, before I even had thoughts of posting it online. Now I’d love to inspire others to bring some flair to their games/dining table to share with your own family and friends and create lasting memories

I’m still looking into the best format for this. WordPress sadly doesn’t seem to like the traditional printer-friendly recipe and I need to do some research before spending money on a better system – let me know if you have any suggestions! For now I’ve created a recipe-book style graphic that will be hosted here.

I’ll keep this short to avoid the classic pre-recipe essay but let me know if this is something you’re interested in. Is there one of my previous creations you’d like to see a recipe for?

I’m starting off with some ice cream to beat the summer heat and pair with Chip Theory Games’ latest offering, Burncycle!

When hacking a megacorporation it’s important to carry icebreakers, but when the heat really builds why not take off the edge with some ice cream.