Board Game Feast Merch Store!

I’ve been threatening for months to put together a merch store and after experimenting with a couple of options, it’s finally live! This wasn’t something I set out to do as a content creator, but several people asked about my apron using the lovely meeple pie artwork designed by my wife, so you can now order your very own to plan your next game night and/or dinner party. I’ve deliberately left off my channel name or any branding because that’s not what this is about – I just want to share this amazing design and the spirit of meeple pie, especially since I can’t share actually pie with my friends right now.


I’m really happy with the quality of the product, the design is printed with a sublimation technique, such that’s that it’s ‘baked’ into the fabric and won’t peel!

You can also get stickers of this design, and at time of posting you can get 50% when ordering 10 stickers or more, so you can mix and match designs from other creators! Perfect for sticking on your Quiver case or personal brand of almond butter.


Don’t forget to also check out the rest of the amazing art from my wife Rhianna:


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