Wingspan: Gingerbread Dice Tower

Happy new year everyone! Hopefully you were all able to enjoy a relaxing holiday period recuperating from the hardships of 2020. We’re already off to a rough start for 2021 with unrest just over the border in the US and Covid numbers still high here in Canada. But I’m holding on to hope that this year will get better from here and that before long we’ll be able to hug our friends, play a game and share a meal together.

For my first content of the year I used the opportunity of the time of work to put together a time intensive project I’ve been planning for months. Ask any group of gamers what the most edible looking components are and they’ll soon be dreaming of Cadbury mini eggs while proclaiming the wonders of Wingspan. It’s likely obvious how much I love gingerbread and I’ve been trying to avoid overutilizing it as a crutch but you’ll forgive for leaning into the seasonal devotion of this wonderful treat.

To see how I constructed this sugary steeple see the video below:

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